La Puerta de Toledo (The Toledo´s Gate in Ciudad Real)

CIMG0585 - copia

The Gate was built  by the King Alfonso X 700 years ago , the Toledo’s Gate has a rich history. This Gate was used by many medieval kings and is a grand structure used by the Crown through the years as a refuge and powerbase on the Royal Road between Toledo to Seville towns, whence its her name, by the King of Castile and Leon Alfonso the X in 1255 and it is finished in year 1328 by the King Alfonso the XI of Castile and Leon.

Bóveda de crucería en el interior de la Puerta de Toledo

It Was declared a National Monument in the year 1915.
It is a good example of Gothic military architecture with Normand influence, its originality is that few have reached such doors to today and most are located in castles.

2013-12-14 20.32.10

It has up to 7 different brands of stonemason.

Algunas Marcas de Cantero en la Puerta de Toledo

Interior de la Puerta de Toledo

The solid form two rectangular towers flanking the gate, formed by two very stilted arches, which function as a military fortification machicolation two pointed horseshoe arches form the doorway, and unloading the interior vaults are two pointed arches, coats of arms with each inside between the two arches is the hollow space for the rake.2014-04-29 14.17.41

CIMG0585 - copiaBusto del Rey Alfonso X dentro de La Puerta de Toledo


its history as a defensive bulwark recorded the assault of  the Napoleonic troops in march 1809. Describing the road from Toledo machicolation found a pointed arch shaped, supported by two half-columns with ornate leaf capitelillos vine, half columns are supported by brackets similar to the capitals.

Then we watch the Front, formed by a horseshoe arch on arch should be noted that the coat of arms of King Alfonso X of Castile and Leon.



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