The spanish Civil War in Ciudad Real 1936-1939

During the Civil War, the small town of Ciudad Real, near Toledo suffered its hardest period, it lost all its business man and fabrics, suffering the loss of more than 300 of its inhabitants violently, even more the heavy human losses young men in the diferent front lines  of Spain.

The Civil War began in Ciudad Real with a shootout between a group of Falangists and a group of Socialists in the cork factory was in Calatrava street corner with Elisa Cendreros, resulting in several deaths and injuries, after this come a long string of murders, revenge and executions during the summer and autumn of 1936 and reprisals and summary trials with shooting of the spring of 1939 after the end of the Civil War. 

That summer of 1936, between August and September, all the political parties from leftist union created in Ciudad Real, formed three battalions of Militia, the BattalionForward”, José Maestro (shot by former Socialist Mayor) and the Battalion “José Serrano” (by the Governor and militia hero).

In October 1936 was formed in Ciudad Real by the order of the Ministry of War, the 2nd Mixed Brigade, a military combat unit formed by the railway workers of Ciudad Real, on the MZA company, who went to fight as infantry, along with troops of Madrid in front of the University, in November 193;. later part of their battalions would be transferred to the 10th Mixed Brigade, and renamed it The 101th Mixed Brigade, which fought in the battles of Jarama, Quijorna, Brunete, Belchite and Teruel and would be evacuated to the Hospital of Castellon.

In Ciudad Real  there was from the end of 1938 the Headquarter of Extremadura’s Army, based in the Casino, as well as based on several field hospitals of the Army, will Piedrabuena on the road and in Toledo 2 of the 5th Air Bases Aviation Corps with Russian bombers Tupolev SB 2 Katiuskas”.

After the held  of Ciudad Real in the so-called “Coup,” the March 26Th by General Antonio Escobar Huertas, commander of Extremadura’s Army  he surrender to General Jose Yagüe head of the Legion.

On March 29th the Civil War  ends in Ciudad Real with the entry of the troops of Franco.
After the war, began revenge and summary judgments based on the Law of Political Responsibilities, 1939.

This period has been the greatest tragedy lived by Ciudad Real in its 700 years history.